Founded in the year 2012, Essor Architects is one of the most famous Architectural and Interior Design firm.

With it's name on some Iconic Projects, Essor Architects has earned themselves a place among the top Architects and Interior Designers in Mumbai. Having experience in Offices, hospitality, Retail, Houses, Factories, Workshops, Warehouses, Educational, Cultural, Hospitals, etc. projects, we strive to provide Clear, Simple and effective solutions for all their design needs. We believe in designing innovative and sustainable environments that support and enhances the lifestyle of the people. We design spaces that dully meet and enhance our clients function and aesthetic aspirations and ensure they are sufficiently flexible to meet both current and future needs of the client.


We believe that architecture is the bridge between people’s thoughts and the space they dwell in. Architecture should always blend these two elements for a comfortable environment. Architecture always travel through time and should fulfil the periodical values of the present and the future for enhancement of people’s life. For every project that comes forth, our approach is to fulfil above values for a comfortable environment around us.


By any measure, the most valuable asset of a professional service firm is its people.  Essor Architects is proud of its diverse and talented team members. By valuing the unique abilities and contributions of each of our colleagues, we attract and retain people with the character, insight, and skill our clients deserve and have come to expect and appreciate from us. Both as individuals and collectively, the expertise we offer uniquely positions us to support our clients in successfully realizing their goals and vision.


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